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Tacit works in three distinct phases


Visualize a process

Virtual spaces allow for the immersive visualization of a given process. Trainees experience new concepts spatially, illustrating new ideas in a way that is not possible in the real world. These processes can be illustrated with two-dimensional illustrations (CAD files or schematics), traditional videos, three-dimensional animations, and motion capture demonstrations.


Hands-on, guided learning

Trainees can get hands-on experience with the help of virtual guidance. Computer-generated graphics lead the user through a process, fostering optimal operational habits in the process. Trainees develop the necessary muscle memory and neural pathways to excel in their new position before ever stepping foot into a live production scenario.


Evaluate and test retention

When the trainee has practiced the guided process a controlled number of times, the guidance can be removed in order to test retention and efficacy. The trainee’s performance can be evaluated and the training program can be adjusted to better prepare the new hire for their new position.

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Immersive, hands-on job training